V9 Bobber | £8,999.00

The name V9 Bobber evokes concepts such as its essential line, pure design and thus a certain original sporting content, underlined by a total matt black look. Moto Guzzi's custom sports bike effectively creates the mid-size bobber series segment, in which the V9 is currently the only representative. Bobbers appeared in the United States after World War II, built by passionate riders who stripped away all details superfluous to their goal of running fast on dirt tracks. To compete in these conditions the riders used to mount oversized tyres, giving the bikes a wide footprint. In line with this style, the V9 Bobber abandons any chrome plating and glossy finish for matt black details. The side panels and fuel tank are thus pitch black, with just a few graphic details in yellow or matt red. The exhaust unit, mirrors and both metal mudguards are painted in “dark matt”. The rear mudguard has been carefully shortened and reduced in size, so as well as including a very compact optical unit, it makes a big contribution to the minimal look of the V9 Bobber.

Chassis: ALS steel twin tube cradle frame
Wheelbase: 1465 mm
Trail: 116,1 mm
Headstock angle: 26.4°
Steering angle: 38°
Front suspension: traditional fork, Ø 40 mm
Rear suspension: swingarm with double shock absorber with adjustable spring preload.
Wheels: aluminium alloy
Saddle height: 780 mm
Kerb weight: 199 Kg